Gain up to an inch on your arms in 30 days

“ If you believe in over training, then this workout series is NOT for you. ”
  • Ground breaking insider secrets from Gabe Tuft and the Body Spartans
  • Learn how to overload your arms to force them to grow

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Written by Body Spartan Founder, Gabe Tuft, and designed by himself and Brand Ambassadors Brandon Griffith and Howard Perry, the Big Arm Bible is the go-to source for packing serious mass on your arms. Gabe wrote this eBook as a culmination of their experience leading up to their arm workout with fitness icon and legend, CT Fletcher. This is the road map for how they prepared for the grueling three and a half hour arm workout with CT Fletcher. The team coupled that with their knowledge of nutrition and motivation and they each gained over an inch on their arms in just four weeks. It’s arm overload in this short eBook!

Get ready to grow!

In this eBook you will discover:


If you want your arms to grow beyond average, you have to overload them. Gabe's overload training method will shock your muscles into growth like never before.

13 different arm workouts

Each week, for one month, you'll train arms up to four times. No two workouts are the same and they're each designed to continuously force muscle growth.

Nutrition secrets for big arms

If you want to your arms to grow, you have to eat with that in mind. Learn the secrets to timed carb loading and get custom macros for packing size on your arms!

Which supplements you need

There's an entire supplement guide included in the eBook that will show you which supplements give you the most bang for your buck.

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$19.99 retail price. 10% discount automatically applied at checkout

About the Creator

Gabe Tuft is the creator of the Big Arm Bible. A retired pro-wrestler and former WWE superstar known as "Tyler Reks", Gabe has over 23 years of experience in the fitness industry. He founded Body Spartan with the vision of changing lives through fitness and created the Big Arm Bible, The Genesis Program, and The Unleashed Program to do just that.

“If we can change just one life at the end of the day, then we've met our goal and we've made a difference”


Try the Big Arm Bible and if you aren't 100% satisfied with the results, we'll give you your money back - up to 60 days after you purchase! We're so confident in our program and the results you will see that we firmly back this guarantee.

Purchase now and get an additional 10% off

$19.99 retail price. 10% discount automatically applied at checkout